It has been a long time since I have updated this site. In the time since a lot has happened and at the same time nothing has changed.

The truth, if I am honest, is that up until this week I hadn’t written a single word that wasn’t “work” related. Boring, staid, imaginationless words filled with legalese and tedium. It is strange how the longer I go without indulging my creativity the more stagnated I feel. I guess it is a form of Newton’s first law – creativity in motion remains creative – and the opposite is true as well.

But then something happened last month that left me asking “what do you want to do?” I honestly cannot think of a scarier question to try to answer. Most of the time the question has been related to what I want to do career-wise: doctor, psychologist, advertising, public relations. Other times the question has been aimed at whether I want to move and work abroad: London, Paris, Sydney, Auckland, Abu Dhabi.

The thing that always takes me aback is that the more I ask myself this question the more the answer comes back to me as “I want to write”. So if that is the case why the heck am I not writing?

So with that question looping through my head (and after the purchase of several notebooks which I will never use because I rather type), I sat back down on Wednesday night to a story that came to me in a moment of inspiration last October. This story was supposed to be my NANOWRIMO story last year. I think I wrote maybe 7,000 words of it and then got stuck and November passed and I simply couldn’t figure out how to move the story forward.

So it sat, bubbling away inside of me. Every now and then I would be struck by moments of insight, often on the bus ride home from work, allowing me glimpses of my character’s foibles and strengths. It is strange to be sitting on a bus and see a woman across from you and think “my character would have nails of that colour” but I guess that is the way my brain works.

It should be no surprise then that on Wednesday afternoon, as I rode the bus home, the answer on how to move the story forward came to me. When I got home I wrote for 3 hours straight! A lot of it was plotting, a lot of it was writing. But when I was done I had a clear idea of where I was going.

I don’t know the full story. But then maybe that is my style. I don’t need to know the full destination, just know the next three steps ahead of me. I am a seat of my pants plotter and that is ok.