I owe myself words.

I promised myself last week that I would get cracking and write at least 1250 words a day. It seemed like a good number of words. Not that many that it is overwhelming, but enough that by the end I feel a real sense of progress.

I owe myself words.

The weekend was a bit of a bust – the lethargic lazies devoured me. I think I managed about 700 words over 2 days.

Monday came and went. This morning a voice in my head scolded that I owed words. It was still scolding as I sat down in front of the tv when I got home. I guess you know you really are meant to be writing when the crazy voice in your head which usually tells you not to drink the funny smelling milk had changed it’s tune to “you owe me words”.

The plotting has progressed. I have 7 chapters/scenes vaguely outlined. My characters are taking definite shape and I actually felt good enough about one of them to share with a friend.

Ok, I’ve opened the file. I guess I needed a bit of a push. I needed my fingers to remember that they are supposed to be banging away at the keyboard. Muscle memory. Fingers on keyboard. Brain engaged.

I owe words. I guess I better get to it then.

UPDATE: I no longer owe any words today. But I guess I still owe 3000 from this weekend. Hmm, since I really don’t want to keep track of my word debts I am going to be satisfied with the fact that I wrote 2000 words today and call it a night.