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I have been suffering from the WORST case of writers block. My mind is cluttered with the every day trivia and stresses that parade my life. I haven’t been inspired. I haven’t wanted to open my computer or take up a pen. So I signed up for a writing class at the community centre. I wanted a basic creative writing class something that would get the juices flowing again. And I think that is what I am going to get.

Our first assignment was to interview one of our classmates, except we weren’t allowed to ask questions. The other person gave a five minute monologue and then you had to write their story. It was harder than I imagined. How do you absorb enough information about someone in five minutes to write down their story? How do you capture enough of their essence without repeating verbatim the phrases that makes them a character? I managed to pull it off somehow by ending the story by introducing a martian into her life since her love life isn’t the greatest. My motto: when in doubt, introduce humour. The beginning though, not so great. Stilted and stiff. Boring and bland.

The second assignment was to write sentences using the words “I remember” as the starting point. I think by this time I had been putting pen to paper long enough that I wasn’t so blocked. The words just flowed.