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I have a new form of procrastination. I have become obsessed with books on the craft of writing. I don’t exactly know why. Perhaps it is a desperate attempt to find an efficient way to put the story in my head on paper. Or find a miraculous trick  to become a more disciplined writer.

Regardless of why, I am currently reading On Writing by Stephen King, which is supposedly a must read by anyone that wants to write. I am a third of the way through the book and I am a little confused because this book really is more of a memoir on how he became a writer than anything else. The book itself is really, really good (I guess this is the point where I admit I have never read Stephan King before). But so far it is not what I was expecting. But then I don’t know what I was expecting, maybe tips on getting published? Nonetheless I’m enjoying the book. And I am definitely taking away the fact that writing and getting published is not easy for anyone – even the mighty Stephen King. And the only thing left is to keep at it.

The scariest moment is always just before you start.
— Stephen King (On Writing