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So far this year my writing has been pretty consistent. Habitual even. Go to work, library writing lunches, go home type up what I wrote. Process and outlines and the words are getting out of my brain onto paper.

I’ve discovered that, despite what I thought about myself, I am a plotter. I need rough outlines of each chapter I am writing in order to be able to muddle through. So I am finding it a little odd that since I came back from holidays, my current chapter has gone off on a tangent.

The thing is that I can’t quite figure out if the tangent is a good deviation or not. Yes, it has some really good solutions to some things. But at the same time it has unearthed a deep mistrust between my characters which is making them kind of stilted. And then my female lead, Brigid, has uncovered this crazy radical secret side to her that has me baffled.

I never intended to have so much discord between my characters. It was always meant to be a us against the world kind o story. So where is all this tension coming from?
The stranger thing is that I keep writing. I haven’t stopped and attempted to bring my story back to where I think it should be. Maybe that is better left for the edits. Hmmm. Writing mind dump of a first draft.
Stubborn characters. Or maybe stubborn author. Should I backtrack the story or just forge on and see if it sorts itself out?