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I rarely make New Year resolutions. No scratch that. I never make New Year’s resolutions. First of all because, well, I suck at sticking to them and second, because I hate feeling disappointed when I don’t follow through with them.


But a game plan, that is an entirely different kettle of fish. Game plans are malleable, they are revisable, and they sometimes fail, which doesn’t bother me.  You can create a game plan on the fly, or you can carefully craft one – all you need is well a vision of how to accomplish your goal. Game plans are messy, riddled with revisions and reinventions. There are no woulda-coulda-shoulda’s (thanks Shel Silverstein for that phrase!) to worry about. If something does not work out, well, time for a rewrite of the game plan.

So in the spirit of New Year resolutions (yes, I know it nearly the end of January), here is what is on my game plan for 2013.

1 – Finish WIP (rather vague, I know)

2 – Do at least 3 writing lunches at the library (doing this will definitely lead to #1)

3 – Submit a short story to a contest at least once every 3 months

I can’t think of anymore. And I like that there is only three – clearly I can add to them as them as the year goes along and I can most definitely do all three.