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I left my office at lunch time late today. When I got to the library, somebody was at my desk (yep, I claimed it). So I walked around the history stacks trying to find an empty desk. And found one squeezed in between a homeless guy sleeping one off and a student playing Justin Beiber on her lap top. (Don’t people know libraries are quiet zones?!)

Anyways, I’m Not quite sure what it says about me that I found the tinny sounds of Beiber more annoying the the eau de drunk guy – but I digress…

Neither of the two was appealing to my muse!! I wanted my corner behind the fine arts stack back!!!

I am a creature of habit. I can’t even begin to explain all the times I have come to a full stop, gazing around wondering why I am standing there when I meant to go elsewhere. Autopilot is my brain’s default setting.

There is comfort in habit. Sitting at that desk behind the arts and craft reference shelves looking down onto the courtyard below makes my brain forget all the crazy crap I left behind in my office. Brain muscle memory of some sort. And just write.

I did, however, manage to tune out the symphony of snores and beauty and the beat (I can’t believe I know the name of the song!) and start a new chapter.

My novel is set in London; and by sheer coincidence I saw a Discovery Channel program on the infrastructure projects the city is under going. Who knew that a tv program about the new super-sewer being built would some how give me the answer I needed to a logistical location problem I was having.

With that nugget from last night,the snores and Beiber my main character (Tad) went off on a very unexpected tangent.

But now I have to figure out how my very fun very unexpected tangent is going to fit into the rest of the story. Thirty minutes more to go before I can go home and sort Tad and company out.