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I am sure it has come to people’s notice by now that I am a procrastinator. I am also a bit scattered at times (okay okay, I can hear my friends going “at times?!”). However, this disorganized order works for me – it is how I roll, even in writing.

You have to be orderly when you write – there is a lot to be said for outlines and knowing your plot points. Your story has to follow a logical order. However, the beautiful chaotic mess that comes from not knowing, that is where the magic happens.

I have been doing a lot of structure, plot, and character exercises for lack of a better term. I have freestyled what-if scenarios for plots and characters, I have rambled through nonsensical train of thought writing exercises for plot development and seen where that has taken the story. I have written in first person from a secondary character’s point of view to see the story from another angle. I made a loopy mind map of plot themes.

None of it is organized. None of it has added to my word count, in fact most of it  is on a yellow legal pad, scratched out with my trusty fountain pen.

I did all of this with a deadline in mind, October 1, I would start draft 2 rewrite.

Except, here is the curious thing, all that rambling, disorganized, freestyle, train of thought mapping has organized my story! I know exactly what needs to be done, what needs to be tweaked, what needs to be redeveloped, what needs to be cut out. Order out of chaos.

I had this crazy idea when I was writing in first person. And I think that it is exactly what I need to do to make the story cohesive. It will be a lot of work, a lot of reorganizing and additional writing. But I think that it could be the thread that ties everything together. So I am going to go with it for the next few weeks.

October 1st is around the corner and I need to make sure that I have all my disorganized chaotic ramblings clustered properly so that it works.

Fingers crossed.