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I came across a phrase today: creative incubation. The phrase came from a Joseph Campbell quote about finding a sacred space where you can tune out the world and somehow things happen. My first draft is in incubation – sitting on my desk under a pretty blue stone that I bought on a whim after the store owner called it the writer’s stone and said it was supposed to promote creativity. Yep, that is how unmotivated to edit my first draft I have been – I resorted to motivation by crystals.

Unfortunately, the crystal did not magically rewrite my first draft. So here I am back at the library slowly rereading my first draft. The first chapter is utter garbage, the poor dear is a Frankenstein monster of excerpts pulled from the original first chapter and the first chapter I wrote for my class last fall. Garbage. I have an idea of how to fix it, but right now I just want to finish reading my draft.

I think I need to slowly immerse myself into writing and editing again and go at my pace and do it for me. Not the idea that someone else had, not based on the many rules and recommendations that I have read about, just write and edit because that turn of phrase please me and that storyline made me smile.