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There are days where I hate technology.

My old computer (an LG) is on its last legs, so after a lot of research, I bit the bullet and bought a new one. An super portable, speedy Sony Vaio Pro 13. Only I have been fighting with it for the last 12 days that I have owned it. At first it was a wireless connectivity issue – Sony took care of that. Awesome.

Now, Scrivener won’t open my work in progress. I have downloaded the software and every time I try to open my manuscript it gives me a “File is not writable. Access denied” error. WTF?!?!

I love Scrivener. It is an amazing program if you are writing anything with chapters. My entire WIP is on there: drafts, notes, ideas. And I want to write today – my brain is just sizzling with ideas – so why won’t my darn file open?

dog on computer

I think my new computer won this round