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My class ended last week. My instructors final words to me were: you have a great concept, a fantastic story line, but you need to do a little bit more world building.

Hmmm. I think I knew that 6 weeks ago. Sigh.

I haven’t written a word since that last class. My brain is stuck. Do I take the story down the path that my gut tells me or do I listen to the feedback that was given to me and move the story in a totally different direction?

For the most part, I really want to go: sod that man and is pedantic opinions. But then there is a little voice in my head that says that maybe he knows what he is talking about. That insecure part of my brain, the one that often questions why I am writing, just wants to follow a formula. Even though there is no formula to great writing.

The 6 weeks of class were intense. I was bombarded with feedback and possibilities. And while some of the comments were fair and often helpful, others were a load of baloney (yes, I am still bitter about being told my main character should not be my main character).  I need to take some time to let all of that filter through my brain, one crazy idea at a time so that I can find my voice again. The voice that tells me to be true to my story, to fight for my characters and to stop worrying about theory of writing and just tell my story.

So I am percolating. Letting the creative juices flow through my head, making mental notes for character arcs and reading dystopian fiction to try to see how others have world build without having prefaces. Yes, this was a someone’s suggestion in my class to have a preface explaining how the world is different. I don’t want a preface. I want a brilliantly crafted world from page one. Got that brain? Brilliance from page one. That isn’t too much to ask, now is it?

On my to be read list: 1984, Fahrenheit 451, The Uglies, The Enders Game. And Siege and Storm, just because it is already on my kindle and I love Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha trilogy and the world that she has created is FANTASTIC. I also have Allegiant on my kindle, but when I kept reading that there is a giant twist at the end and that people were upset about, it  put me off reading it. But maybe I should. Because that is obviously a great example of an author sticking to her vision of her story.

Okay brain, percolate. Absorb other author’s knack for world building and then get on with it. Is there such a thing as creativity by osmosis? Cuz I want some of that.

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