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I keep upping the word count on my manuscript target widget thingermabob. It was originally 70K, then it moved to 80K, it is now set at 90K. I figure editing and revising will chop some of the words out, but still WIP why don’t you want to end!

I am jealous of people who say they wrote their first drafts in 6 weeks – how the heck did they do that?! Okay, granted I have been a little inconsistent with my writing and had a really lazy two months in February and March. As in word count: ZERO. But still! I plotted, I outlined, I made time for my writing – so why am I struggling so much with the ending?

I don’t understand how I let all the noise from outside my head distract me so much and let the noise from inside my head become a crazy, whirling dervish of unproductivity (is that a word? I am making it a word).

I know exactly where the story is going so why can’t I get the words out onto paper?