The writing has been going slower than I ever imagined. When I first sat down in October and wrote that first word I never could have foreseen that it would be nearly June and I still wouldn’t have finished. Part of it is that I took vacations from my work or that rather than work through a scene that was giving me trouble I would let it sit there hopping that by not opening my story it would somehow magically fix itself while I wasn’t looking.

Even my library sessions were interrupted by that horrible thing we are all addicted to but won’t admit: Candy Crush.  I think all of this was just a symptom though, of the fact that I had, well, lost the plot. I just couldn’t see where the story was going. And though I have, since realizing this, created a more in depth outline, I think what I really need is a storyboard.

Yep. I am going old school. So that is my project for this weekend.