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I have a new position at work and it is sucking up my brain power. This means I haven’t really been writing. Which sucks and makes me cranky.

Often times the biggest challenge is finding time to write however, I have used to squeeze in the time in the middle of the day.  My lunch time library sessions have been pretty successful. Only that in the last month I have been shifting my lunch hour to make sure I am available for eastern timezone people. So by the time I leave for lunch often time at around 2 pm my brain is in full on shut down mode. Never mind that I am starving because I suck at planning and forget to bring snacks.  All I want to do is eat and not think for a little while.

By the time I get home my poor little brain just wants to face-plant into bed and not string a bunch of words together for the WIP.

So on this Easter long weekend, I am going to sit down and write. Because my brain has recharged a little and I should be able to indulge my creativity. Only that spring has finally sprung out here on the raincoast and it is beeautiful outside and all I want to do is curl up in the sunshine.

Maybe I will just go for a walk – for brainstorming purposes of course. And then sit down and write.

I’ll leave you with a little peak of what is tempting me out side … cherry blossoms galore.