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Ever had a writing session where you are just writing because you know that is what you are supposed to be doing?

You know you are going to have to go back and seriously edit every word you have written. Nothing flows, the text stammers out bumping along in sentences and paragraphs. But you keep writing because the alternative is not writing. And not writing is, well, the slippery slope down to writers block.

I have been going to the library during my lunch hour. It takes me 10 minutes to get to the library from my office. So that  leaves me 40 minutes of uninterrupted writing time. I just sit with a notebook and a pen and write. I have typed up my library sessions and I am averaging about 1000 words in that 40 minutes. Some of it doesn’t really make sense. Some of it is good. All of it needs to be edited.

But I have been encouraged because the story is moving forward. Words on paper are always a good sign.

To reach a port, we must sail—Sail, not tie at anchor—Sail, not drift.
Franklin Roosevelt

Yet on this drizzly Sunday morning, the day of daylight savings, where I have nothing to do but laundry and write –  the words don’t seem to flow. Type, type, type. Stop, delete, delete, delete. And I have noticed that on average it takes me about an hour to two hours to crank out 1500 words when I type. So why am I am able to just get the words out when I am writing longhand?

My apartment also seems full of distractions. The bathroom needs cleaning, the plants watering, the kitchen faucet is dripping.

I just don’t get it. My greatest wish is to write this darn thing. So why is it that every time I sit to type I start to procrastinate? To hell with the distractions and excuses!

I must stop this need for the words to be perfect on the first go. I just need to get them down, out of my head and then I can edit and edit to my hearts content!

Back to Scrivener I go….