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I joined Twitter.

At the urging of my uber connected cousin I opened a Twitter account. Less than a month later, I broke it. Well, I didn’t really break it. But someone hacked me and I started getting followed by porn star spammers. Or maybe they are simply wannabe porn stars and simply hackers. Long story short, my account was suspended.

Now I am not that old, nor am I that young but I still belong to the connected millennium generation. Except I am not that big on technology, I only got a smartphone last November before that you were lucky if you even got a text from me.

And social media, well, it stumps me continuously. Blogging is easy. Setting up blog… all I can say is thank God for the support and forum sections!

And then came the Twitter idea over Christmas. For the weeks that I used it, I enjoyed it. The feeling of absolute inter-connectivity. Granted I didn’t tweet much, I was more fascinated by other people’s tweets. Darn those porn people. I sent an email trying to appeal the suspension. But I really am not holding out much hope that my account will be reopened, though I may open a new account depending on the result.

After this little experiment I have concluded it isn’t content that is a problem. My problem: the technology. I simply don’t want to learn the nitty-gritty of technology. I don’t want to read a manual. I want simple user-friendly idiot proof technology. And I don’t want it to define my life or rule my life; just make my life a little easier.

Newest social media obsession: Flipboard.

Hopefully, having everything in one application will mean I spend less time farting around and more time focusing on my writing. Because that was the New Year’s resolution this year. To write.