Dear little old ladies on my bus today –  Thank you!

I had these chatty lovely little old ladies on the bus today and I wasn’t really listening to what they were saying, just sort of drifting on the cadence of their sentences. Every generation has verbal tendencies which are fascinating and there are times, I will admit, that I eavesdrop simply to try to observe the way they use language.

It was impossible to ignore today’s little old ladies. The tumbled into the back of the bus like a vaudeville routine with one of them catching the other as the bus lurched into motion. And then chattered non-stop for the next 20 minutes.

Today’s little old ladies were full of “Oh yeses” and “you knows”. They compared the food at the local fairway and proclaimed it unfit, wondering about how “one manages to ruin fried onions”. They gushed over the purple hydrangeas their friend Ingrid was growing and extolled on the benefits of walking for one’s health. They said things like “that is neat” and “she was quite dreadful you know”.

Today’s little old ladies made me get off the bus and race home to start writing. Because of today’s little old ladies I have 80% of a short story completed. And it is all dialogue!