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I’ve been trying to make writing a habit. It isn’t so much the act of writing that is the problem. OK, so it is the act of writing that at times gives me trouble. Once I actually start to type, the words come out rather fluidly. It is sitting down and writing that seems to be the problem. There will be moments when I am sitting on the bus or walking down a street and a plot line will pop into my head. Of course, I will think that whatever nugget I just thought of is brilliant and I will make a note of putting it to paper later on.

Then I get home. I’ll make dinner. Sit in front of the TV. And completely forget that I had a moment of brilliance on the #14 bus that desperately wanted to be written. It isn’t that I will have forgotten the plot or the character at all, it is more a case of, once I write the line that inspired me it seems my mind will wander and won’t produce a following sentence/plot line/character! So that splendid idea will sit in my brain, squatting there waiting for another moment of brilliance.

So in an effort to make myself sit down and just write I have been searching the internet for writing prompts and creative writing exercises, which of course I realize is a form of procrastination. I guess you could even say that this post is my procrastination of the day.

I sat on the bus this afternoon trying desperately to detach my brain from today’s work insanity and a sentence burst into my brain.

They found her laying on the corner of Laurel and Main, the high-rises painted her body in shadow and light.

I have a pretty good idea where this story wants to go, so why did I just spend 2 hours watching Shark Week on Discovery channel rather than trying to find out why there was a body laying on Laurel and Main?